Built-in TPM on PICO-APL3?


I saw from your webiste about the built-in TPM. https://www.aaeon.com/en/p/pico-itx-boards-pico-apl3. Does it mean it comes by default?

If I choose PICO-APL1/APL2, do you have software TPM support on it instead of H.W TPM on APL3 ? any details information to share?


  • PICO-APL3 supports TPM optional .
    "Optional" here means that TPM chip slot (Infineon SLB9665TT2.0) is already reserved in PICO-APL3 circuit.
    In standard PICO-APL3, this chip is not on board.(It doesn't not come in default)
    Upon request, we can supply PICO-APL3 with the chip (optional).

    Different than PICO-APL3, PICO-APL1 doesn't have onboard TPM chip. As hardware manufactouer we not focus on software TPM and so far not verified in this platform.
    thanks for your info, we will feedback to internal and if there is update, will let you know or update to our website.

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