Update BIOS through UEFI Shell

PICO-APL1 BIOS files include update tool and BIOS image (.bin) in a ZIP file.
for example standard v1.3 ZAP1AM13

it can update the BIOS per UEFI as followings
1. unzip the files and copy to a USB disc.
2. Power on board with USB drive attached.
3. select the first boot priority to UEFI Shell.
4. Move operating directory to USB drive (fs0 or other labels)
SHELL> fs0:
5. Enter the directory with BIOS file and update batch
6. Execute update batch (go.nsh)
7. Confirm update procedure is completed without problem
8. Reboot system (automatically)

an UEFI-Shell screen for reference.


  • for some BIOS version , there is no UEFI shell in the BIOS boot option.
    In that case it does need to create a USB boot stick with integrated UFFI shell.

    here is info about how to make a UEFI bootable disk with built-in (In USB disk) shell.


    please upzip and copy EFI folder to root of USB.
    And select in BIOS UEFI boot from this USB device.

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