Switch COM2 RI/5V/12V

PICO-APL1 COM2 support switch RI/+5V/+12V. (CN17 pin 8 , Ring in default )

PICO-APL1 has BOM selection to switch RI/5V/12V for COM2 per 0 Ohm resistors R256/R248/R250.
In default is only R248 assembled on board (RI in default).

So if it needs switch to 12V or 5V, it could do followings
1# From RI to 12V -> Remove R248 and add R256
2# From RI to 5V -> Remove R248 and add R250
Below is location of the resistors on board for reference (close to LAN connector CN10)

Note: for reworking by self it could violate the warranty when damage caused.

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