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I just received a PICO-APL3 , that is a nice SBC.
I flashed Ubuntu ISO on a USB stick and connected to the system in order to load UBUNTU 16 on the eMMC.

Looking at the BIOS I do not see the boot option for USB (as showned in the manual at page 73) , There is just the EFI option available.

So at boot it goes to the EFI Shell, with no devices being mapped: all Alias are (null)
I can see the USB stick using the devices command.

How can I get the Bios boot option to load from USB?
If this option no longer available, how can I map correctly the map USB stick in order to boot with the EFI and load OS on the eMMC ?

Best Regards

Patrick Poirier



    Ubuntu 16.04 ISO is NOT UEFI compliant.
    I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ISO with no problem.

    Please note that the download link on the wiki is pointing to the correct version:
    But the text is misleading:
    __Download the Ubuntu 16.04 ISO from the Ubuntu download page____

    I suggest that you specify the correct release and add a special note about UEFI compliancy

  • Hello Ppoirier,

    The system has been tested with Ubuntu 16.04, which is already UEFI compliant but it still include legacy BIOS support.

    Can I ask you which Ubuntu 16.04 image you downloaded and which tool you are using to flash the image into the USB Stick?

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    Hello Daniele,
    Sorry for late reply ;-)
    Ii was ubuntu-16.04.5-desktop-amd64.iso.zsync and made image with both Etcher (1.4.4) & Diskmanager 9.5.
    Anyway. I prefer working with latest LTS, even if I have some incompatibilities.

    Best Regards

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